About Me


I’m a speculative author and ravenous inkdrinker with a sweet tooth for rock’n’roll witchcraft horror fantasy. I love loud music, brutal fiction, drop-dead glamour, dancing like a fiend, and taking my notebook everywhere through it all.

I grew up in some fun and not-so-fun parts of South Jersey, and survived high school behind a protective wall of Clive Barker and Stephen King. I moved to Philly, worked in one of the nation’s oldest occult shops for a while, and went on to spend a decade in San Fran. I attended Clarion West in 2007 and I’m now a member of NYC-based writing group Altered Fluid. Besides writing, I'm into bellydance dabbling, eerie synths, horror movie interior decorating, and exploring the symbiotic relationship between witchcraft and creating art. I'm currently living in Queens amid a clamor of doom metal noodling and two cats.

Other various fascinations: old movies that have Barbara Stanwyck and Greta Garbo in them, art nouveau, 80's metal, thrift shopping, VHS morsels, long walks through the deco puzzlebox of Manhattan, running away to the beach, utter nonsense, and endless caffeine.